Cozy Dinkum Koala Moppet
Cozy Dinkum Koala Moppet
Cozy Dinkum Koala Moppet
Cozy Dinkum Koala Moppet

Cozy Dinkum Koala Moppet

Olli Ella

The new brothers & sisters from the dozy dinkums are here! They wear the plushest outfit and with two soft furry ears and a rainbow right over their heart they are just as lovely as the other Dinkum

Say ‘Hello’ to Olli Ella’s little Dozy Dinkum Dolls!

The co-founder sisters Chloe and Olivia focus on craftsmanship and ethical production to produce beautiful sustainable sourced products as the beautiful dolls, called Dozy Dinkum Dolls. Each doll has a very unique character and look and comes in a unisex design. The Dozy Dinkum Dolls are little baby sister and baby brother of the bigger Dinkum Dolls. As they are made of one piece, they are safe for the age of 0+. Your baby’s lifelong friend! The Dozy Dolls can be cuddled and posed in multiple sleeping positions with their head, arms and legs.

Dozy Dinkum Doll as an educational toy for bigger siblings

The Dozy Dolls are also perfect to show your little one how to hold a little baby and how to carry it as their head got a bit more weight, so siblings learn how to support a baby’s head. A great gift for newborns and their siblings.


  • Face features embroidered eyes and mouth with an oval shape nose
  • Cozy Dozy Dinkums wear a non-removable fluffy onesie with an embroidered rainbow on heart area

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