Mini-Makers Booklet |Honey Truck
Mini-Makers Booklet |Honey Truck
Mini-Makers Booklet |Honey Truck
Mini-Makers Booklet |Honey Truck


Mini-Makers Booklet |Honey Truck


In this new Paper Activity Booklet, Fabelab's Pocket Friends have built their own Honey Truck with giant flowers. You can also follow the Pocket Friends into other parts in the Land of Fabelab with the first series of Paper Activity Booklets. With the Mini Makers by Fabelab craft kits, it is easy to make a little truck, treehouse and lots of accessories for all their inventions.

Under the warming sun the beautiful flowers blossom and the little bees buzz around producing the most delicious honey. Build an inviting Honey Truck for your Fabelab Pocket Friends to buy honey from and decorate their universe with giant enchanted flowers in an exciting hexagon landscape.

In these dreamy little worlds the possibilities are endless. Role-playing with characters practices your social skills, such as empathy, and stimulates the imagination as well as interaction between friends and family members.

Whats inside:
6 pages of thick paper precut to build a Honey Truck in the Meadow. Includes a cute retro style Honey Truck, hexagons for landscaping, giant flowers and much more.
One sticker sheet with construction stickers to assemble all your elements
One sticker sheet with fun illustrations to decorate. 


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